Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding vehicle exportation.
Any question you might have is accepted through telephone or enquiry form.

About Shipping

It depends on the destination and the shipping company. Please check with us in advance.
In most cases, it will be completed within one to two weeks. Our one-stop service is what defines us as a company. Because we have our own equipment, our company’s system is fully capable of handling even jobs that require haste. We will do our utmost to work as quickly as the shipping service allows.
It depends greatly on the destination. Please check with us in advance.

About Container vanning


It depends on the vehicle model (shape and size). It is possible to load three to six regular passenger cars or seven minitrucks in a container. Please see the Containerizing page for examples. We can also load cargo other than automobiles, such as special vehicles (heavy machinery, buses, etc.) and machine tools. Please contact us about your needs.


Yes, we can also load parts.
(*Certain parts are regulated under international treaties, so please contact us in advance.)

In addition to used cars, new cars and automobile parts, we also have experience with following.
・Vehicles and vehicle-related cargo (buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc.)
・Golf carts
・Precision equipment, machine tools and heavy equipment
・Agricultural machinery and electric appliances

We can also handle types of cargo not listed above. Please contact us about your needs in advance.
(*Some types of scrap and home appliances are regulated under international treaties on the transport of waste across national borders.)

About Export inspection

Yes, that is possible. Of course, we are also happy to provide services other than export inspection.

About Repair / bodywork

We also handle mechanical problems (with the engine or transmission). Please contact us about your issue.

About Land transport service

Within Japan, we can pick up cargo anywhere in the country.
We provide a vehicle storage service using a very large yard. Storage is free for two months, so please do not hesitate to use it.
vehicle storage service

About other services in general

It depends on the destination, but we may be able to make arrangements with a container ship even in landlocked countries. Please check with us in advance.
Our experienced staff will thoroughly address any questions or doubts you have.
At Flash Rise, our role is to alleviate your worries. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are happy to answer questions even on the finer points of the job.
Of course.
We can provide any of our services individually, including shipping (exportation/the customs clearance process), container loading, export inspection, repair/bodywork, land transportation services and additional services.
It varies greatly depending on the destination and the details of the exportation (shipment loading type, number of vehicles and vehicle condition).
Please contact us in advance for a rough or detailed estimate.
We accept payment by bank transfer.