Container vanning

Specialists in container vanning
Our in-depth knowledge and experience makes shipping truly safe and security.

Container vanning requires utmost expertise to enable balanced loading a limited space.
FLASH RISE has loading specialists who examine the size and features of vehicles so that
the vehicles are securely restrained in the best of possible positions.

Prompt response to urgent needs

Many destinations and frequent shipping schedule

Container ships are travelling to and from ports across the seas so that numerous shipping schedules are available, making quick shipping possible.

Depending on the kind and the number of vehicles, container vanning can greatly reduce costs involved in using RORO carriers.

Container ship

Cargo could come in all shapes and weights!

We offer our service to vehicle part and other items with various shapes and weights. That includes other cargo than vehicles as well.

Directly to land transport

Containers can arrive at a port and transported as they are, which makes for easy transport at the destination.
Cargo will be delivered ‘door-to-door’.

Prevention of theft

Perfect security to the destination.
Containers are robust and eliminate unnecessary loading in and out, resulting in low probability of getting stolen.

Examples of vanning

Optimum loading is realized through FLASH RISE’s special equipment and its own handling method.

Standard vanning

We propose the best possible plan for least wear and tear, specific to the size, feature and nature of the vehicle.

3 vehicles

4 vehicles

5 vehicles

6 vehicles

Enforced vanning

FLASH RISE has devised our own special material for stability during transport.

4 vehicles

5 vehicles

Special vanning

We accept and van new and special-purpose vehicles and industrial machines as well as passenger cars.

New-vehicle vanning

Seven-light-truck-in a pile

Open-deck vanning

Cargo other than vehicle is also possible

Container ships are the bulwark of international cargo transport utilized for cargo other than vehicles.
We try to suit your needs as much as we can. Please enquire.

Item example

Dry cargo (ordinary cargo except non-dry cargo such as liquid) can usually be serviceable.

*Some items are not exportable by dint of restrictive treaties and such.

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Container vanning
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Export inspection
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