Booking/Customs clearance for export

Experience and Integrity makes quick and secure shipping.
We arrange marine transport to ports worldwide.

FLASH RISE professionals have the technology and knowledge to enable precise processing.
Features of cargo, including its dimension, will be carefully evaluated to insure accurate planning and loading strategy.

We can be trusted with everything from arranging car carrier and container ships to securing load space and vanning.

Professionals Knowing Every Detail of the Flow of Your Cargo and the Necessary Forms.


Loading space to the destination will be secured and arranged with the shipping company.

Preparation of necessary forms:

Export will necessitate invoices and S/I, which will help us measure and declare export cargo.

Export deregistration:

This is arranged through a district transport bureau.
*Export deregistration cancels export permits after expiration date and will necessitate return of the permits.

Customs clearance for export:

Automobiles will be transported from our premises to container yards for export clearance by the customs office, to be loaded in ships after completion of clearance procedure.

Marine insurance:

We purchase a marine insurance policy before shipping, effective till arrival at the destination.
We recommend insurance for that rare but possible occasion.

Radiation inspection:

Radiation and radioactivity inspection is essential to smooth export. We will prepare required forms.

Shipping schedules

Shipping schedules at the website below.
(*It will be reference information.)


PLANET CARS: hub site for second-hand vehicle exports

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