One-stop service for car export

Logistics to cater to customers’ needs

Since its establishment, FLASH RISE has been delivering many vehicles and cargo to all over the world.
We pride ourselves on our long and rich experience and proven technology,
as embodied in our specialist staff who can accommodate to every export-related needs of our customers.

Used car export agency [FLASH RISE Co. LTD.]

Delivers Vehicles Worldwide

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(in 2018 and 2019)

Annual trading volume of the car export


Car Export Specialist​

One-stop service for car export

Some ship loading requires highly specialized technique and strict cost- and schedule-management. FLASH RISE take great pride in providing solutions to such situations.

In addition, We know every nook and cranny of export-related problems and will be able to respond quickly and creditably.

Best technology in Japan

Abundant achievements and skills

Best technology and experience in Japan.

our 100% own equipment

Flexible response to urgent needs

our 100% own equipment

Perfect vehicle management

Security camera installed in our yard

Security camera monitor
Security camera

Diverse Orders Catered


Leave It All to FLASH RISE!

All cumbersome business from land transport to export inspection, booking, customs to loading will be fully and entirely supported. We are a one-stop solution to everything from deposit of your vehicles in our hands to arrival at the destination.

We are fully equipped within our company so everything is done quickly and securely. FLASH RISE will help you achieve efficiency.


Use Us When and Where You Need Us!

It includes partial assistance to your own export business such as ‘customs clearance only’, ‘export inspection only’, ‘repair only’.

Customers with business with other export-support companies and first-time exporters are also welcome.

Our attention to details will slash your operational burden.

List of our services

Container vanning
Export inspection
Export inspection
Car maintenance
Repair / Sheet metal working / Painting
Land transport
Land transport
Additional services
Additional services